Our mission is to provide the best possible service in repairing hockey sticks. We mainly operate all over Europe. Thank to our long term experience our hockey stick repair systems are precise and reliable. StiRep already helped more than 1000 satisfied customers (individual customers as well as hockey teams). Hockey sticks repaired by StiRep are being also used in top hockey leagues across Europe. If you have any question about more details or price, do not hesitate and contact us.

ESR System

ESR hockey stick repair system is the most popular among our customers. It is a combination of high quality carbon fiber, epoxy and wood. By putting all three components together, the damaged area is now stronger than ever before. ESR System adds approximately 20 grams to the original weight. ESR System keeps the length and relatively flex of the stick unchanged. ESR System is the only repair system on the market that keeps the length of the stick unchanged. ESR System is used by multiple professional hockey teams in Europe.

ESR before

ESR after

ISR before

ISR after

ISR System

ISR hockey stick repair system is combination of high quality carbon fiber and epoxy. These two components combined provide excellent support to repaired area and you will not fell the difference. ISR System minimize visual disturbance and preserve the external stick profile. The system adds approximately 40 grams, cuts off 1-3 cm on length and relatively keeps the flex unchanged. ISR System is used by multiple professional hockey teams in Europe.

SRS System

SRS hockey stick repair system is using the same techniques as ISR System. The only differences between SRS System and ISR system is the visual part and length of the stick. While ISR system cuts only 1-3 cm off the stick, the SRS System cuts 3-5 cm off the stick. You can see the visual difference between ISR System and SRS System on the pictures shown. SRS System is used by multiple professional hockey teams in Europe.

SRS before

SRS after

Blade Repair System

Blade Repair System

Blade Repair System is one of a kind repair technique on the market. We use combination of carbon fiber, glass fiber and epoxy to accomplish the same features of the hockey blade as before, including unchanged blade pattern while increasing overall weight of the stick just by 10-20 grams.


StiRep provides 100 days warranty on repairing spot. The reason why StiRep provides longer warranty is due to our experience and R&D which has proven that StiRep products are reliable and last long.

Stirep makes it easy for teams. Take an additional discount on repairing hockey sticks for your team. We do not only give discount to your team but we will also pick up your damaged hockey sticks from your location. And once your hockey sticks are repaired, we will deliver them back to you. With Stirep you do not have to leave your place and we will take care of everything (pick up - repair - delivery). If you have any questions or need assistance, please call or send us an e-mail.